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All about our building..

Round pole timber frame designed and constructed by Ty Pren. The timber is larch all grown on their plantation near Lampeter. Joints are constructed with traditional oak pegs.

The walls are hempcrete and were constructed by Hempcrete Cymru who are based in North Wales along with a team of volunteers. Hempcrete has excellent insulating properties and is poured between shuttering and tamped down by hand in layers.

The ceiling timbers, exterior cladding and window and door reveals are also locally grown at Growing Heart timber in Boncath.

The oak kitchen worktop and windowsills were sourced in Wales and milled by The Old Board Co based in Crymych.

The walls are lime rendered and lime washed on both the interior and exterior. The Lime Company of West Wales (TLC) worked with us to teach 15 volunteers how to lime render and most of the rendering was completed by our volunteer team.

Our toilet is a compost system – we collect both the urine and the solid waste and will compost this in 2 different, specially designed systems. The urine will go onto a pile of woodchip to help break it down and the solid waste in to a totally contained tyre stack system.

The underfloor heating is provided by an air source heat pump which in turns runs off of our solar panels on the roof. We have to draw from the grid once our battery has emptied though. We have access to an app to monitor our electric use so can hopefully start providing some information on efficiency once we have had it running for a bit!

The garden has been designed as part of the ‘Feeding Our Community’ project and forms part of the ‘Growing Better Connections’ exhibition. Our volunteer team worked with permaculture experts to design the planting structure and we have had lots of volunteer help to shift compost and get everything planted!


Structure: Ty Pren

Walls: Hempcrete Cymru

Solar Panels: Preseli Solar

Lime Render: The Lime Company of West Wales alongside a wonderful team of our CARE volunteers

Worktops / windowsills:

Accessibility features: We have a designated disabled car parking space on the left hand side of the building with level access to the main doors.

Our toilet is wheelchair friendly and has level access from the studio space.

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